Rez Creator Talks About Positive Power of Games, Plays Child of Eden at TED

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the developer behind Space Channel 5, Lumines, and Rez—and its upcoming spiritual sequel Child of Eden—joined the long list of smart, creative types who can boast of having their own TED talk. What does Mizuguchi think is an "idea worth spreading"?


How about the positive power of video games, which Mizuguchi says can make people "feel good, feel high, and maybe smile," in this laid back, free form-feeling riff on why video games are cool and what Child of Eden is all about—the blending of senses and motion-sensing technology for a new take on synesthesia.

Mizuguchi's TEDxTokyo talk was filmed earlier this week in Japan and can be seen in its entirety in the above clip. Child of Eden comes to Xbox 360 and Kinect this June, later for the PlayStation 3.

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Feel high? Well, that's one state I don't think I have entered before as a result of gaming :)