Dreamcast Collection Coming To 12 Inches Of Vinyl

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Sega is once again putting music to vinyl, following up on the bright blue Sega Genesis Collection soundtrack on LP with one for the Dreamcast fans out there. And by "there," I regretfully mean "Australia."

Yes, like the last Sega vinyl record, this bonus item is strictly for our friends down under and only available at retailer JB Hi-Fi and only with a purchase of the Sega Dreamcast Collection for Xbox 360. The record comes with five tracks from Sonic Adventure, Space Channel 5 Part 2 and Crazy Taxi. Sorry, DJs, no Bass Fishing jams for your mix.


Now for the potentially good news. The people running the blogs of Sega of America and Sega Europe say they have some to give away. Read their respective blogs to figure out how you might secure one.

And don't be too hard on our lucky Aussie friends. They regularly suffer from outlandish prices and region locking nonsense, so let 'em have this one. OK?

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Confusing... I have a record player, but only for stuff from the 70s and earlier. I can't imagine a lot of audiophiles being big fans of video game music, nor the masters being made (or at least stored by modern Sega) at higher than CD quality. They might be making it for scratch DJs to sample... but it sounds like something of a collectors edition.

I guess the stranger the item, the more collectable?