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Jan 21

Destiny 2's Corridors of Time is going away. The Season of Dawn location and its hidden lore drops will no longer be available come January 28. Meanwhile, the quest for the exotic weapon Bastion that players spent thousands of hours working on last week can now be gotten from Sain-14 instead.

Dec 20

Saint-14 has officially returned to the Tower in Destiny 2. The legendary Titan appeared after the game’s daily reset and has a handful of quests to give players, including one to help build an Obelisk in the Tower. Hopefully that one’s not bugged too.

Dec 11

It’s not too late to claim any Season of Undying rewards you may have missed in Destiny 2. Although Season of Dawn went live yesterday, and the new season pass along with it, you can still access your old season pass over on Bungie’s website to collect anything you might have missed.

Dec 5

Bungie is raising Destiny 2's Power Cap to 960 and the Pinnacle Cap to 970 when Season of Dawn starts December 10, the studio announced in its weekly blog post today. Artifact power bonuses will also reset, so anyone not already at the current cap with gear will find themselves behind again. 

Dec 4

Bungie shared some more details about Destiny 2's upcoming Season of Dawn on a developer livestream today. While there was no mention of a new raid or the return of Trials of Osiris, they did show off some of the Sundial activity which looks like Prison of Elders meets the Infinite Forest.