Destiny 2’s New Exotic Mission Is Worth Doing Just To Hear Shaxx Sing

This isn’t over until Shaxx sings.
This isn’t over until Shaxx sings.
Screenshot: Kotaku (Destiny 2)

Destiny 2’s weekly update today brings with it a new exotic quest that’s short, easy to complete, and ends with one of the best character moments the game has ever had.


Devil’s Run is a sidearm that shoots lasers and has one of the shortest questlines I’ve ever come across in the game. All you have to do to get it is play a match of the newest mode, Sundial, collect the new quest, take it back to Saint-14, and then head to a new mission that takes place on Twilight Gap in the EDZ.

There’s nothing to kill in there, another unusual but refreshing change of pace. Instead, you simply run around the Crucible map alone collecting 10 Timelost Fragments from the remains of old guardians. That’s it. The whole thing, including the Sundial run, took me less than half an hour.

Video via Bodacious Steve

But while getting a new exotic weapon without a bunch of grinding is nice, the real treat is the conversation that takes place while you’re looting corpses. First Saint-14 hops on the comms to reminisce about the original battle that took place in Twilight Gap. Then Osiris joins in, poking fun at Saint-14’s pride and flair for the dramatic. Finally, Shaxx, arbiter of the Crucible, shows up to ask what the hell you’re doing running around Twilight Gap outside of a match.

The banter runs for a couple minutes after the mission ends, with Saint-14 asking about Eris Morn and interrogating Shaxx about the backstories behind the weapons he gives out to Guardians who compete in the Crucible. “The Revoker, what’s the story behind it, what does it do?” asks Saint-14. “It shoots bullets, Saint, it’s a gun…” Shaxx says.

Before everyone logs off, Saint even gets Shaxx to sing by calling in an old debt. “I’m on the moon, it’s made of cheese,” the Titan croons. Some rewards are worth more than loot.



And personally, Destiny 2 may have just lost a player. Because this questline is locked behind the seasonal pass when it should be part of Shadowkeep.

I get the whole battle pass type thing with locking progress for things like skins and such behind a paywall. You want to hide the initial exotic drop till level 35 of the “non battle pass” season rank, fine., but now an exotic weapon and story mission is locked behind the seasonal paywall... and more than the exotic, it’s the events and lore I am mad about being tied up.

A major experience of the game, Hearing the interaction of the veterans of Twilight Gap, is inaccessable to people who haven’t shelled out the 10 bucks to Bungie for this 3 month period. Will it ever be able to be done again? I mean this is a questline tied to *the season pass* not the expansion. I take issue with that. I can go back and experience any of the story missions, the strikes, hear all the dialogue for everything lorewise playing the game and having paid for the base game/forsaken/shadowkeep.

But now this is a questline that is impossible to do without the season pass, that will disappear with the season pass. This would be like not being able to read the Books of Sorrow in game with D1 if you didn’t play during a specific time and have paid a specific fee at that time.

That is problematic.