2:50 PM

Dauntless’ first content update is called Fortune & Glory and it arrives July 16, marking the start of the game’s High Skies season. It adds a new vendor called Lady Luck who will have more Behemoths for you to kill. A new pirate-themed Hunt Pass will drop alongside the update.

3:15 PM

For Honor’s seventh season went live today, including the addition of a new map and reworks to the Warden and Valkyrie classes. The update also adds new legendary gear, an additional 10 reputation levels, and Master and Grandmaster player ranks. Ranked duels will now be in rotation outside of tournaments as well. 

5:15 PM

For Honor’s Season Six update is now live. It adds some new skins and weapons to collect as well as reworks to the Orochi and Peacekeeper classes. There’s also a new map, Beachhead, and more importantly, a new event called The Rite of Champions that runs until May 31.

3:50 PM

For Honor’s season six update arrives May 17 and includes a new map called Beachhead and reworks to the Orochi and Peacekeeper classes. It also adds a “Visual Collection” feature to streamline gear customization. The game is free to play this weekend on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.