Feb 4

Saints Row IV comes to Switch March 27. The Re-Elected version contains 25 DLC packs and two story expansions.

Apr 3 2017

Agents of Mayhem, the newest game from the makers of Saints Row, comes out August 15, the developers at Volition announced today. It’s a single-player open-world game in which you can swap heroes and fight terrorists. Looks colorful.

Feb 7 2017
<i>Saints Row 2</i> Was So Good

Saints Row 2 is the greatest sandbox game of all time. Grand Theft Auto 5 has a bigger budget, Saints Row IV gives

Dec 4 2014

Disney can't make a movie about the Devil's daughter anymore, because the Saints Row folks have beat them to it. The musical number from upcoming standalone expansion Gat Out of Hell shown to fans at PAX Prime this September is now available for all to watch.

Feb 7 2014

Someone's math professor must like Saints Row. (Via Reid B)