Apr 29

Speaking to Kotaku, Riot has reaffirmed its commitment to snuffing out Valorant harassment issues asap, but stopped short of detailing future plans. “We know this is a hard problem to tackle, and will take time, but I’d feel irresponsible accepting this as the status quo,” executive producer Anna Donlon said in an

Jan 9

Riot Games Korea head Park Jun-kyu has passed away. He became the company’s CEO on January 1 of last year but spent 2019 battling liver cancer. According to website Inven, he continued working through the end of the year. May he rest in peace. 

Sep 18 2019

Riot has revealed the new logo for League of Legends (pictured). The game will celebrate its 10th anniversary on October 15 and, according to Riot, sees about 8 million concurrent players every day. That’s a lot!