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Feb 12 2019

Cross-play friends lists will go live in Rocket League on February 19. The game went cross-play on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC in January, but only for matchmaking. This new update will add a friends list that populates across every platform and the ability to create parties.

Jul 23 2018

Psyonix has revealed the drop rates for Rocket League’s loot crates. The studio says these haven’t changed since they were first added to the game back in September of 2016, and the rates track closely with various player estimates. The game’s battle pass arrives later this summer.  

May 11 2018

Rocket League will be getting new cross-platform friends lists sometime this summer according to the game’s latest development road map. Players will be able to search for friends and invite them to parties between PS4 and PC, and Xbox One, PC and Switch using a new type of in-game ID.

Jun 5 2017

A new map, cars and custom goal explosions are coming to Rocket League on July 5. The second anniversary update is free for all players, and also includes a radio option with 18 new songs to jam out to while zooming around the pitch.

Feb 9 2017

It’s about damn time. Iconic Hot Wheels street machines Twin Mill III and Bone race into Rocket League on February 21. I guess I have to play Rocket League now.

Feb 2 2017

It really took this long for official Rocket League toys? Psyonix and Zag Toys have teamed up to create a line of Rocket League pull-back racers. Due out this spring, each vehicle will come packaged inside one of the game’s giant balls. About time!