9:15 AM

Wolfenstein: Youngblood just got a little less frustrating. The game’s 1.05 patch—out now for PC and coming soon to consoles—comes with a bevy of tweaks, the biggest ones affecting enemy “bullet sponginess” and adding checkpoints. Still can’t pause in co-op, obviously. (Though you now can offline, thanks to update 1.0

9:45 AM

Fan-favorite heroes get small buffs ahead of Valve’s big Dota 2 tournament. Major swings in games are fun to watch, which is why I’m glad to see Lycan, Tinker, and Drow getting a little more powerful in the game’s latest mini-patch ahead of The International 2019.

5:25 PM

Fallout 76 got a hotfix today to address some of the problems plaguing players since the Tuesday’s update went live. One thing it fixes are legendary item drops that previously weren’t appearing. One thing it doesn’t fix are legendary enemies that don’t drop legendary items because the game has mislabeled them.

3:20 PM

Anthem’s next update will arrive tomorrow on April 23, global community manager Andrew Johnson announced on Twitter. It will add new bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and the much awaited new Stronghold mission called The Sunken. The update will be followed by a developer live stream later in the day.

11:15 AM

Mario Tennis Aces’ 3.0 update is out today. It adds a new mode called Ring Shot and a limited-time event called Yoshi’s Ring Shot challenge where players hit the ball through different color rings to win different color Yoshis. The update also adds a new cinematic staring Wario and Waluigi.

4:20 PM

Halo: The Master Chief Collection now has a 60 Hz tick rate thanks to the game’s April update. This puts it closer to the refresh rate of games like CS:GO and Overwatch, which helps cut down on things like rubber-banding and getting shot around corners. 343 Industries explains it in detail here.