5:20 PM

The twitchy roguelike Wizard of Legend got a big free update called Thundering Keep across all platforms today. It adds a new boss, stage, enemies, and dozens of new spells and items. The game is also still on Game Pass on both Xbox One and PC and very much worth checking out.

12:55 PM

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition just got its first big patch fixing some bugs, improving competitive matchmaking, and adding a new holiday-themed map mod. I don’t play a ton online and so haven’t run into as many of the matchmaking issues as some, but it’s nice to see unit pathing improving. 

9:15 AM

Wolfenstein: Youngblood just got a little less frustrating. The game’s 1.05 patch—out now for PC and coming soon to consoles—comes with a bevy of tweaks, the biggest ones affecting enemy “bullet sponginess” and adding checkpoints. Still can’t pause in co-op, obviously. (Though you now can offline, thanks to update 1.0

5:25 PM

Fallout 76 got a hotfix today to address some of the problems plaguing players since the Tuesday’s update went live. One thing it fixes are legendary item drops that previously weren’t appearing. One thing it doesn’t fix are legendary enemies that don’t drop legendary items because the game has mislabeled them.