It must be springtime because Overcooked 2 just announced its new DLC: Campfire Cook Off. Players are headed to the woods with a new map, twelve levels and some new campfire-themed recipes.

Overcooked 2 gets a free Chinese New Year update today that adds new kitchens, chefs, and recipes. Most notably, it also brings a new survival mode where you try to cook for as long as possible as each new dish adds more time to the clock.

A free Christmas update to Overcooked 2 is now live! It includes new chefs, stages, and holiday recipes like mince pie, christmas pudding and hot chocolate. Yum!

Overcooked 2 has a new tropical themed DLC that’s out now. Surf ‘N’ Turf brings new kitchens and recipes to the cooking simulator. I for one welcome these new ways to yell at my friends.

Overcooked 2 is real, and it’s coming to Switch on August 7th. Now that you can throw ingredients (thank god!) and play online, I’m sure I’m going to find whole new ways to frustrate my pals while trying to finish a dinner service.