Jul 8

Ryosuke Yoshida, who most recently did game design for Devil May Cry 5 and lead combat design for Monster Hunter XX, has announced he is leaving Capcom for China’s NetEase Games Sakura Studio, where he’ll work as a Senior Game Designer on next-gen games. Yoshida joined Capcom in 2009.

Mar 23 2017

Monster Hunter XX sold 848,467 copies in its first week on sale on Japan. In comparison, Monster Hunter X sold 1,488,367 copes in its first week in the region, while Monster Hunter 4G sold 1,446,289 copies during its debut week. 

Oct 27 2016

Capcom announced a new Monster Hunter game. It’s called Monster Hunter XX (as in “double cross”) and has one rather messy looking logo. The game is for the 3DS and will be out March 18, 2017 in Japan. No word yet on an international release.