This is what Monster Hunter XX, a 3DS game, will look like on the Switch according to a trailer and gameplay footage shown by Capcom at this weekend’s Monster Hunter event in Japan.

Revealed earlier this week, the port looks like a crisper version of its predecessor that will try to take advantage of the Switch’s unique UI capabilities but not necessarily the extent of its graphical capabilities.

That said, Capcom announced that the Switch and 3DS versions of the game will be able to swap save data and have players from either platform adventuring alongside one another online. In addition to supporting local multiplayer, anyone who has played Monster Hunter Generations, the first 3DS version (XX is an expanded edition recently released in Japan) will be able to transfer their data up to newer game on either platform.


Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver., the game’s current title in Japan, will be released there on August 25 of this year. Capcom still hasn’t said when the game will be coming to North America, but odds are the company will have more information closer to E3.