8:58 AM

Thanks to a live-action TV series kicking off in May on Freeform, teen super team Cloak and Dagger score their own Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 level pack today. The $2.99 DLC features a short adventure plus character unlocks for Mister Negative, Blackout, Shroud, Nightmare, and Silvermane. Don’t do drugs, kids.

12:44 PM

Now that the two canceled Avengers Alliance games are a distant memory, FoxNext Games and Marvel Entertainment unveil Marvel Strike Force, a squad based mobile RPG in which players battle it out with collectible heroes and villains from the comics, due out in early 2018. How long you think this one will last?

9:41 AM

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is going to be all over the place. And time, for that matter. The Gamescom trailer for November’s sequel takes us on a tour of the game’s locales, from the Old West to New York City (regular and noir version), Asgard to Nowhere.