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Dec 4

Bungie shared some more details about Destiny 2's upcoming Season of Dawn on a developer livestream today. While there was no mention of a new raid or the return of Trials of Osiris, they did show off some of the Sundial activity which looks like Prison of Elders meets the Infinite Forest.

May 29 2019

During a live stream today 343 Industries showed off gameplay from the Halo: Reach remaster coming to The Master Chief Collection running on PC. It looks clean and responsive, despite the poor streaming quality! The studio also confirmed the game’s first testing phase for Xbox Insiders will begin in June after E3.

Nov 20 2018

Riley’s gonna try and take out The Undying, Hitman 2's very first Elusive Target. We’ve only got one shot so come join us live in the chat!

Oct 31 2018

I’ve never played Resident Evil before, and by golly, that’s changing today. (No better day for it!)

Oct 26 2018

I’m playing more Red Dead Redemption 2 live on Twitch with my good friend Kahlief Adams from Spawn On Me. Come join us in the chat!

Oct 19 2018

We’re playing Soulcalibur VI live on Twitch. Come join us in the chat!

Oct 17 2018

We’re playing Starlink: Battle for Atlas on the Switch live on Twitch. Come join us in the chat!

Oct 10 2018

We’re playing Mark of the Ninja for the Switch live on Twitch. Come join us in the chat!

Oct 9 2018

We’re playing this year’s Halloween event for Overwatch live on Twitch. Come watch!

Sep 26 2018

We’re playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey live on Twitch. Come watch!

Sep 19 2018

We’re checking out the new Nintendo Switch Online service live on Twitch. Come watch me and Ethan check out some of the retro offerings. Join us in chat!