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During a live stream today 343 Industries showed off gameplay from the Halo: Reach remaster coming to The Master Chief Collection running on PC. It looks clean and responsive, despite the poor streaming quality! The studio also confirmed the game’s first testing phase for Xbox Insiders will begin in June after E3.


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It’s that weird thing where Halo Reach’s campaign was such a let-down to me - the story was weak and barely made sense. I still don’t know why important communication arrays on Humanity’s core planet are basically shacks in a mountain, and why humanity’s center of military might has so much dilapidated farmland everywhere - but ignoring that, and the rather generic characters, the actual game play was some of the best in my opinion. And, the armor customization - 9 years ago, and Halo hasn’t come close to letting you make your Spartans look that cool. They’re in Power Ranger mode with 4 and 5