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Jun 11

Your PC must be this powerful to play Death Stranding. Kojima’s Norman Reedus doing stuff simulator comes to PC on July 14, with modest system requirements as befitting a port of a late-life PlayStation 4 game. You’ll need beefier hardware for 4K but for 1080p previous-generation graphics hardware will do just fine.

Apr 21

Death Stranding’s PC release has been delayed due to the novel coronavirus covid-19 pandemic. The new release date is July 14. According to Kojima Productions, the delay is “to allow more development time amidst the current work-from-home orders in place.”

Mar 2

The PC version of Hideo Kojima’s incredibly fancy walking simulator Death Stranding comes to Steam, Epic Games Store, and retail on June 2. Along with cool PC-only features like ultrawide support (*faints*), the game will include crossover content with Half-Life, including a wearable head crab.

Dec 2

Let the sequel talk begin! During an interview with Vulture, Hideo Kojima briefly mentions working with Norman Reedus again, maybe on a Death Stranding sequel. If he were to make another Death Stranding, Kojima says he “would start from zero.”

Nov 27

Hideo Kojima has posted an early behind-the-scenes clip for Death Stranding dating from April 2017. As you can see, in this early blocking footage, the BB pod was then represented by a cardboard box!