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Mar 5 2014

Killzone Shadow Fall's first multiplayer expansion detailed, two free multiplayer maps released. Coming in April, The Insurgency Pack adds the Insurgent class, along with new weapons, abilities, and Elite Mode difficulty for single player. The Cruiser and Hangar multiplayer maps are available free today. Check out the

Feb 26 2014

The biggest selling PS4 game during the console's first two days out in Japan? Famitsu reports that bundled game Knack "sold" 322,083 units, Yakuza: Restoration sold 73,086 units, Battlefield 4 sold 26,878 units, and Killzone Shadow Fall sold 25,978 units.

Feb 25 2014

The people who make Killzone games are working on something that isn't Killzone. A quick mention in the Japanese PS4 video above states that Guerilla Games have already been doing work on a new IP for the last two-and-a-half years. Still sounds like there's going to be a long wait to find out what it is, though.

Jan 15 2014

Shadows? Check. Falling? Check. Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has unveiled two free multiplayer maps coming soon to PlayStation 4 shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall. The Cruiser and Hangar maps should tide players over until the first paid expansion pack DLC arrives.

Nov 12 2013

The launch trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall gives us a little bit of zealotry and a bucket of bad blood. With their homeworld destroyed, the Helghast have come to settle with the Vektans, in a big city divided by a huge wall. Unsurprisingly, no one likes their new neighbors.