6:35 PM

A designer at Harebrained Schemes, the studio behind BattleTech, has resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment by six women, Waypoint reports. Tyler Carpenter was accused of repeated unwanted sexual advances and manipulation including in one case groping. “[F]rankly, everything is true,” he told the site.

5:40 PM

Necropolis, a Souls-inspired dungeon romp that I didn’t love, is getting overhauled. In the next couple weeks, the developers plan to make the game more intuitive, and in the coming months they’re gonna add more enemy and level variety and make the game more challenging. Fingers crossed that the game becomes, you

3:36 PM

Necropolis—Harebrained Schemes’ roguelike dungeon-crawler with the cool abstracted art style—will be hitting Steam on March 17. There’s going to be four-player co-op, too, so maybe you’ll all live a little longer.