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May 5

Halo 2: Anniversary will be on PC starting May 12. It’s the latest game in the series to get ported as 343 Industries transitions the entire Master Chief Collection to PC. It’s also not-so-secretly one of the best Halo games.

May 29 2019

During a live stream today 343 Industries showed off gameplay from the Halo: Reach remaster coming to The Master Chief Collection running on PC. It looks clean and responsive, despite the poor streaming quality! The studio also confirmed the game’s first testing phase for Xbox Insiders will begin in June after E3.

Apr 3 2019

Halo: The Master Chief Collection now has a 60 Hz tick rate thanks to the game’s April update. This puts it closer to the refresh rate of games like CS:GO and Overwatch, which helps cut down on things like rubber-banding and getting shot around corners. 343 Industries explains it in detail here.

Jan 17 2019

Halo: The Master Chief Collection got a nice big update yesterday fixing some things and adding others. Chief among the new stuff are extra skulls for Halo: Combat Evolved and options for making the aiming in the old games more like Halo 5.

Oct 17 2017

Remember Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and how it just didn’t work? Microsoft is starting all over in 2018, giving the game “enhancements for Xbox One X” with stuff like “fixes, improvements and upgrades”.

May 30 2015

Halo: ODST is now dropping in for owners of the Master Chief Collection. Players who purchased and played the Xbox One collection before December 19 of last year are starting to get their codes for the remastered ODST campaign. Folks falling outside of that window will be able to purchase the campaign separately for

Feb 9 2015

Remember how Microsoft was setting a beta test for a patch that would hopefully resolve many of the problems plaguing Halo: The Master Chief Collection? Well, that beta was pushed back and then cancelled altogether. The "content update" is still coming but will only be tested internally now. Read more