Assassin’s Creed Origins has a new CGI trailer. That means none of this is real, but hey it still looks pretty. Aired at Microsoft’s pre-Gamescom event, the new footage shows Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, and Ptolemy will all play a role in the game. Also there will be pink and purple dye pits. 

Ahead of this week’s Gamescom, Microsoft is holding a news event at 3:00PM EDT today where the company will reveal new information about the Xbox One X (like pre-orders finally going live) as well as show off some new game trailers. You can watch the press briefing live right here.

Normally you’d expect a video game event to be ceremonially opened by, say, a video game executive, but Europe’s big 2017 show—GamesCom, in Köln—will be kicked off on August 22 by none other than the Leader Of The Free World herself, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.