Just Angela Merkel, Playin' Some Farming Simulator

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Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and Leader of the Free World, was at Gamescom in Köln earlier today. And she spent some of her time in about the most Gamescom way imaginable.

That is the exact same face I make playing Farming Simulator (which incidentally usually has one of the best booths at the show!)


And just so you don’t think this was a flying visit to a single booth, she also took in the sights of some Gran Turismo Sport while she was there, looking especially interested/bemused at the VR driving skills on display:

Photo: Lukas Schulze | Getty
Photo: Lukas Schulze | Getty

I am now imagining Donald Trump wandering the floor of E3, making that exact same face, only at a flickering neon sign.

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