7:30 PM

Want to write about video games for a living? Freelancer Nathan Meunier has just published Up Up Down Down Left Write, a guide to all things games writing. There's a sample chapter up on the website.

7:00 PM

What if movies were reviewed in the same way as video games? Something Awful has an idea of what that would read like: "The film runs at a steady 24 frames per second with very few frame drops." And a 9.6 means we're guaranteed a World War Z sequel right?

4:30 PM

Either Hip-Hop Gamer's an official greeter at Los Angeles International Airport, or he was waiting patiently for Kotaku to touch down there today, as he was the first guy the gang saw after getting off the flight. Here, editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo models HHG's state-of-the-art, platform-agnostic pants holder-upper.