Survey for Games Journalism Awards is Itself Award-Worthy

The people at the National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers have sent me a survey in an e-mail that was topped with the deceptive subject line "Game Reporter of the Year?"

I thought I'd won!

No, I merely have a survey I can fill out. I mean, I merely have a survey I can share with you.


Some of the survey questions make some sort of sense to me....

Some do not.


I'm nominating this survey for Most Inexplicable Batch of Questions Anyone E-Mailed To Me Today. I predict that it will win.

I know that some people want to take games journalism more seriously. Me, too. So, how about we just assume games journalism can be eligible for the same journalism awards that all other journalism is up for? If it's good enough, it'll win.


(Top photo via Shutterstock)

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