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Jun 15 2015

We’re at E3! And I’m doing something different this year. I’m planning on recording our journey through the socially connected world of the Internet—Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, even Periscope. These will all be experiments, but if there’s something you want to see, let me know in the comments and I will try to

Jan 14 2015

Kinja's got a few sharing options if you're interested in talking about any articles you see pop up on any of Gawker's sites. You've probably noticed the option to share to your own Kinja page, Facebook and Twitter, but we've been experimenting with Pinterest shares now, too, if that's your kinda social network. Have Read more

Oct 9 2014

We have a new system in place at Kotaku that'll help us help you by getting rid of spam and other nasty comments in the discussions. It's called Flagging, and it's basically as it sounds. Read more

Aug 21 2013

If you blink you'll miss it. We're rolling out a new feature today on the site, giving you yet another way of interacting with our authors. You can officially annotate text paragraph by paragraph. It's like image annotations but for words. In case you're still confused you can find the full instructions here. Read more

Jul 25 2013

Want to see what Kotaku will look like in the near future? Kinja—the publishing platform both you and Kotaku use—has a new face and a few new tools. The new design debuts today on Front, Kinja's front page for all the best stories in the Gawker and Kinja networks. Read more