Why Kotaku?

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Never mind why your new Deputy Managing Editor has come to Kotaku. Why are you here?


What kind of person leaves a nice games-reporting job at MTV News, gives up running their own blog to work under the iron fist of one Brian Crecente?

Me — your new Kotaku deputy managing editor.

People asked me why I came here. Was it the fortune? The fame? The groupies?

I told people who asked that I came to Kotaku because I respect the strong journalistic core of Kotaku. That's the part some people don't see because they're distracted by some of Kotaku's other colorful qualities. I like it all, but I confess that what I can bring best is more journalism. The more of that that we can do well, the better, I say. As long as someone else writes some funny posts.

When my switch to Kotaku was announced, I was stormed with replies. Some people were happy, like the guy who said he already reads the site 24 hours a day and now needs to read it 48 hours a day. (I told him to buy two computers and run both simultaneously like he was managing multiple World of Warcraft accounts.)

On the other hand, a couple of people told me they wouldn't follow me here, saying they think Kotaku only "serves the straight white male gamers and no one else."


I think we're all best served to listen to each other and figure out how we can improve.

But enough about why I came to Kotaku. As readers, why do you come here?



Well I DONT come her for stuff like the Night Notes ;)

I come to Kotaku because of its overall personality, the look of the site, and the variety of uniquer content you either find or originally report. That's my basic answer.