We have a new system in place at Kotaku that'll help us help you by getting rid of spam and other nasty comments in the discussions. It's called Flagging, and it's basically as it sounds.

There are some general guidelines about what calls for flagging a post—spammers or people posting questionable imagery and such—but you should keep in mind Kotaku's policy on harassment and being nice to each other. Basically: we dislike the former and we like the latter.


If you have any questions or see any bugs, you can send a note to help@gawker.com. Thanks in advance for helping to make Kotaku a more enjoyable space to read about gaming and other topics when you should be working instead.


To contact the author of this post, write to tina@kotaku.com or find her on Twitter at @tinaamini.

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Greg the Mad

Ok, let's give this a whirl:

Certain Kotaku staff members are part of a mailing list that is allegedly responsible for the anti-gamer narrative of some gaming-journalism sites.

... how did I do? Am I flagged yet?