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My Five Favorite Kotaku Stories From Last Week

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Stephen’s out on a long overdue vacation this week, so this week’s hand-picked Kotaku stories will, of course, be all cat related.

Though sadly I still don’t think Kotaku is meeting necessary cat coverage standards, so I guess I’ll have to settle with these.

  • How Snoopy Killed Peanuts - Kevin Wong’s first time guest editing for a weekend on Kotaku. Depending on what generation you entered into the Peanuts craze, you may never have noticed just how vast a difference in tone the strip has shifted towards. Now Snoopy’s just some cute face with a cute case of multiple personalities.
  • 44 Marvel Secret Wars Tie-In Comics, Reviewed - Stephen took on the herculean task of reading and then reviewing literally every mini-series connecting to Secret Wars currently known to humanity.
  • Sources: When You Work At Konami, Big Brother Is Always Watching - Ash shares information he received about the apparent odd working conditions at Konami. Lunch breaks sound not so breaky.
  • I Filmed A Sonic The Hedgehog Orgy - Oh, Patrick. What horrors you have had to face. In addition to this disturbing orgy, Patrick also witnessed many other horrifying Sonic-related business in a compilation of fake Sonic mini-games.
  • A Year Later, People Are Still Finding New Things In P.T. - Patricia finds that just because P.T. is technically no more, doesn’t mean people aren’t still discovering jumpy new secrets in it.

Bonus, because I feel like it:


GIF of the week (via an animation video from researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology):


Bonus GIF because ribbon dancing was somehow made relevant again (via A Korra cosplayer Luke featured on the site):


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Top GIF from a Mad Max/Adventure Time crossover, because how could I resist.