12:39 PM

Just when you thought he was dead, Jason Voorhees has one more surprise: the long-awaited dedicated servers rolled out this week for Friday the 13th on PlayStation 4. According to publisher Gun Media, Xbox One players will receive the update once it passes certification.

1:45 PM

A patch for Friday the 13th rolled out earlier this week that fixes bugs and adds new content, including playable survivor Fox, the feisty biker from Part III. Changes have been made to Tommy Jarvis “to emphasize [his] hero attributes and goals” and encourage players returning as Tommy to help counselors in need.

4:24 PM

It’s a psycho killer try-before-you-buy this weekend in Mortal Kombat X. If you bought the game but not the DLC, head over to MKX’s Living Towers this weekend to play as Jason Vorhees in what should have been a 13 round battle but ended up only being 6 because that’s no fun at all.