Jul 25 2016

FGC Raw is a new documentary series focusing on “the top players in the fighting game community”. First up is Long Island Joe, who made one hell of a run at this year’s EVO.

Jul 21 2016

100% of tonight’s WNF Street Fighter V prize pool is being donated to the funding campaigns for two members of the FGC who were involved in a traffic accident on the way to EVO 2016.

Jan 27 2016

Nintendo too skrong? Two Wii U games and a venerable Gamecube release are among the headlining games announced for the world’s biggest fighting game tournament. Along with Pokken Tournament, Smash Bros Wii U and Smash Melee, the 2016 Evo line-up will include Mortal Kombat X, Killer Instinct and Tekken 7 among others