YouTuber Keemstar Makes A Fuss After Epic Muscles In On His Fortnite Tournament Turf

For millions of Fortnite fans, Friday Fortnite—a YouTuber- and streamer-focused tournament series hosted by shameless drama profiteer Keemstar—has become a weekly ritual. This week was supposed to be its swan song, but the party’s been called off because Epic decided to host an even bigger shindig just down the block.

Fortnite Player Destroys Tilted Towers In A Single Shot

Fortnite’s notorious Tilted Towers—a high-risk, high-reward landing spot once described as “tryhard central” by erstwhile Kotaku editor/genius Patricia Hernandez—have been a target of players’ grimmest imaginings ever since rumors that they’d be obliterated by a comet started swirling in March. But still they stand.…