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Posing In Apex Legends Is Crashing The Game

A fix is coming to the battle royale shooter, but Respawn wants players to stop flexing for now

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
An image of Apex Legends participant Octane about to stomp Mirage's face out.
I wasn’t joking when I said stop posing!
Image: Respawn Entertainment / PlayStation

Have you ever flexed so hard in a game you made it crash? That’s apparently a dream coming true for Apex Legends players, where performing Epic animated poses is breaking the game. Respawn is asking players of the battle royale shooter to stop using them.

The studio tweeted about the bug last week, explaining that animated poses are crashing the game. A fix is coming “next week,” though there’s no more specific date for when it will arrive. For the time being, Respawn Entertainment is urging players to unequip Epic poses until the patch is applied.


Epic poses are a facet of the battle royale’s player cards, identifications you use to express your unique style in-game. These rarer cosmetics feature a variety of animations, like dancing, jumping, or running. However, right now equipping them appears to throw the game off-balance, resulting in a crash.

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In clarifying the issue, a Respawn technical game designer—under the Reddit username RobotHavGuns—said there’s “no obvious reason” why Epic poses are breaking the game. They said it shouldn’t happen, but acknowledge that it is, and the best solution in the short term is to revert back to non-animated poses. Once a fix has been implemented, you can pose to your heart’s content.


This bug is just the latest issue plaguing the popular battle royale shooter. The game was kinda busted for much of the latter half of September due to repeated server disconnections tied to a recent patch. August saw console and PC players beefing over the removal of tap staffing. And in July, Apex Legends was hacked by disgruntled fans pissed about Titanfall cheaters. It makes me wonder if this game will ever catch a break…

So, until a fix comes through, the best advice Respawn’s got: stop flexing.