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Jun 9 2016

I’m not normally one for clips of developers talking over the top of their video game, but this 17-minute Deus Ex video has Adam Jensen taking a very sad shower, so it gets a pass.

Feb 28 2014

Thief's first PC patch is out now. It's supposed to fix some crash issues and optimize memory usage. If you've been playing on PC, has the game been working all right for you?

Feb 15 2014

Here's a start-to-finish look at the first mission in Thief, 10 days away from its Feb. 25 launch. Garrett's trying to make his way back to his hideout during "Lockdown," when, well, opportunities arise, as they usually do.

Aug 16 2013

Release Date Announcement: We just got word from Square Enix that Thief will release on February 25 of next year. You can watch the new Gamescom trailer released in tandem with the news right here.

Jun 27 2013

Let's just put this guy's body in this chair like he's chilling out, and pretend nothing happened here... With The Director's Cut and The Fall on the horizon, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is still around and kicking. Messing with enemy bodies will always be fun. Always.