You Can Play A Bit Of The Original Tomb Raider In Your Browser Right Now

Fancy a quick jaunt with Lara Croft before she got all fancy and realistic? With Timur Gagiev’s OpenLara project, that adventure is just a click away.

It’s not the whole game—just a demo level—but it’s a demo level that runs damn well in a full screen browser window, and it’s even got controller support. Not only is it a fine piece of work, it’s an excellent means to see how far the Tomb Raider series has come since 1996.

Gagiev goes by XProger on GitHub and lists himself as a graphics programmer on Quake Champions for Saber Interactive. He drew inspiration for OpenLara from the OpenTomb project, a cross-platform re-implementation of the Core Engine that powered the first five Tomb Raider games.


Well done. Click here for instant Lara Croft.

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Indifferent Snowman.

It was pretty weird seeing the ol’ game rendered in such a high res and framerate, also with fancy water effects.

Though, I got REALLY spooked when, you guessed it a wolf snuck up behind me....thing is it was gone before I could shoot it, literally the SAME THING with a bear.

Then I found out why: