Nov 6 2014

The legendary Duke Nukem 3D is coming to PS3 and PS Vita. Devolver Digital will be bringing over the game's Megaton Edition, which is already out on PC, and includes Duke 3D Atomic Edition and all three officially released expansion packs. Release dates are January 13 for North America and January 14 for Europe.

Feb 24 2014

"We have acted in good faith and are working towards a resolution," says the CEO and game director of Interceptor Entertainment, which was due to publish a Duke Nukem game by 3D Realms before Gearbox Software filed a lawsuit Friday. "We are not all out of gum." Read more

Jan 29 2014

Happy birthday, Duke Nukem 3D! The shareware version of 3D Realms' legendary first-person shooter was released for MS-DOS PCs exactly eighteen years ago. And, just in time for the anniversary, Devolver Digital introduced online multiplayer for the updated Megaton Edition of the game; trailer for that above.