Next stop: Etria. Portable JRPG action headlines the Nintendo Download this week, with next Tuesday’s release of Etrian

The Wii U grows exponentially more interesting, with the addition of outstanding modern platformer Giana Sisters:

It's Pokémon Rumble U day in the Nintendo Download. They might not be the Pokémon you've been waiting for, but they'll

Are you ready to Fish On with this week's Nintendo Download? Not just normal Fish On, mind you, but Fish On 3D. Now

It's My Western Horse 3D day in the Nintendo Download, as the eagerly-anticipated horse simulator is finally released

The original Kid Icarus flies onto the Wii U’s Virtual Console in the latest Nintendo Download. There’s also Picross e2

A trio of classics—Metroid, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros 2—roll out in this week’s Nintendo Download. If you want

This week's Nintendo Download is all about Kokuga, the new game from the folks who worked on classic Treasure

New Super Luigi U and Game and Wario are the most notable release from Nintendo’s digital storefront this week. Other

Sonic the Hedgehog leads the march of digital offerings for Nintendo hardware this week. The line-up also includes

It’s a old-school-centric line-up for the Nintendo Download this week as Pac-Man, Mega Man and Balloon Fight all show