It's Spin the Bottle time in the Nintendo Download! The Wii U gets physical with the release of KnapNok Games' touchy-feely party game today, while the 3DS gets an neat looking platform mining adventure in SteamWorld Dig. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is out on Sunday, and is DuckTales Remastered really just five days away? Check out the full list of games that will be digitally available in the coming week here.

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Jonathan Ponikvar

The download version of the game just cannot withstand the incredible awesomeness of the special Gold-cartridge swag Capcom sent out to game sites to hype up the launch.

Note the authentic flyer advertising other "Capcom Favorites" like Mega Man, Bionic Commando, and Ghosts N' Goblins. Oh, and the NES cart actually works, too.

Only 150 copies made, and it won't be sold publicly. In situations like this it's entirely acceptable to cry.