This week's Nintendo Download is all about Kokuga, the new game from the folks who worked on classic Treasure strategic shooter Ikaruga. I appreciate G-Rev rhyming the names to make it easier for us to rap about them. Also, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Labyrinth, and several games that wish they were Sonic-related. See it all right here.

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"..the new game from the developers of classic strategic shooter Ikaruga."

Not being picky, but I knew this didn't sound right. Wikipedia says:

"Ikaruga was developed by a core team of only three people at Treasure Co. Ltd led by lead game designer, BG graphic designer and music composer Hiroshi Iuchi, along with programmer Atsutomo Nakagawa, and illustrator and character/object designer, Yasushi Suzuki. G.rev, then an upstart company attempting to raise funds to develop Border Down, provided several supporting team members on a contract basis."