It's the Fifth Game of Another Mario Sub-Series! Let's Take a Tour.

The fifth Mario vs. Donkey Kong game is upon us, though this is now the Mario and Donkey Kong series: Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move for the Nintendo 3DS. Any good? Yeah, good little puzzle game with some weird not-as-good mini-games.

It's $10, download-only. I'll give you a tour.

Just watch the video above. You'll see all four main modes and some of the game's side stuff.


The weirdest thing about this series is that the games in it are sort of the successor to Donkey Kong. This is not the legacy I thought Donkey Kong would have, though I guess it's better than going further in the Donkey Kong 64 direction (amazing rap song notwithstanding).

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Koda Kazar

Huh, didn't know you were left handed Stephen. A fellow lefty!

I gotta ask, did you adapt to Kid Icarus: Uprising's "Screw you lefties, buy a Circle Pad Pro if you want to comfortably play this game" control scheme? I'm.....managing using my right hand, but I can't play the game for long as it makes my right hand cramp.