10:35 AM

Mobile Dragon Quest game Dragon Quest For The Stars is finally out in North America today after releasing first in Japan back in 2015. The free-to-play spin-off revolves around turn-based battles against slimes and the like just like the main series but with the addition of stamina meters and microtransactions.

6:30 AM

Dragon Quest makes excellent Valentine’s Day sweets. Twitter user Manna shows how he made a series of chocolate Dragon Quest theme hearts, which look so cute and so yummy.

9:29 AM

The CG-animated Dragon Quest movie is now streaming on Netflix. It’s called Dragon Quest Your Story in the West, and it’s something to watch once you’ve finished Locke & Key, Bojack, and the latest season of Sabrina.

8:35 AM

Dragon Quest is getting a new tactics spin-off in Japan later this year for smartphones. It’ll be a free-to-play game with paid in-game items, but outside of that we don’t know much else about it. Based on the screenshots, though, it will at least have the grid-based combat that tactics nerds crave.

7:00 AM

Dragon Quest X is getting a browser game version in Japan. Next year, it will be playable on PC, smartphones, and tablets. More details are expected to be revealed at a later date. No word yet on an international release.