Jul 9 2019

Dauntless’ first content update is called Fortune & Glory and it arrives July 16, marking the start of the game’s High Skies season. It adds a new vendor called Lady Luck who will have more Behemoths for you to kill. A new pirate-themed Hunt Pass will drop alongside the update.

Jun 3 2019

I desperately want to hunt some monsters, so I’m playing some Dauntless right now on Twitch. Come join chat for fashion, neat weapons, and strangely adorable (but deadly!) critters.

Dec 1 2016

New indie studio Phoenix Labs announced upcoming co-op RPG Dauntless at the game awards tonight. It’s set in an online sci-fi fantasy world in which players slay monsters called “Behemoths” and features a very cool sword. Dauntless will be available for PC in 2017.