9:26 AM

Haven Island, the next location in the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass, arrives September 24. Set in the Maldives and following up on the events of the previous Bank map, Haven comes with a host of new challenges and full support for Contracts mode. It also comes with this excellent new trailer.

9:15 AM

Wolfenstein: Youngblood just got a little less frustrating. The game’s 1.05 patch—out now for PC and coming soon to consoles—comes with a bevy of tweaks, the biggest ones affecting enemy “bullet sponginess” and adding checkpoints. Still can’t pause in co-op, obviously. (Though you now can offline, thanks to update 1.0

10:36 AM

The developers of Cuphead have made the game’s excellent soundtrack available for purchase as sheet music. It’s very cool to see they’ve made separate arrangements for high school jazz band, high school concert band, professionals, and barbershop quartets.

12:30 PM

Psst. Hey. Ben here. If you’re in need of a fun gaming podcast, you should definitely check out my newest show — Memory Card. Every episode covers the history surrounding a weird and wonderful character, console, accessory or game. You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify.

2:59 PM

Disintegration, the new game from V1 Interactive, the studio headed by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, just got its first trailer. There’s only a bit of gameplay, but it looks fun—and will reportedly come with both a story campaign and multiplayer.

1:10 PM

The Eternal Cylinder is the newest game from Ace Team, the makers of Rock of Ages. It’s a survival game where you play a cute round alien friend that must evolve and adapt to a hostile environment, but adorably. Looks neat!

8:30 AM

The western release of SINoALICE, the smartphone game from Nier: Automata director Yoko Taro scheduled to launch worldwide today, has been delayed indefinitely, publisher Nexon announced on Facebook. For now, the game remains exclusive to Japan.

9:29 AM

Amazon Game Studios announced a new Lord of the Rings free-to-play MMO is in the works for PC and consoles. Details, per Entertainment Weekly, are scant, but the game is being developed by the same studio behind Amazon’s New World MMO.

11:08 AM

Ouya, the tiny, Kickstarted Android console, is officially dead. Razer announced that all services will be shut down June 25, 2019. So long, Ouya, and thanks for Towerfall.

10:48 AM

Codemasters is rebooting Grid, the pro racing series that’s been dormant since 2014's Grid: Autosport. The new Grid arrives September 13, 2019.

10:22 AM

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG developer Ackk Studios will add a “works cited” section to the game’s credits after Ackk was accused of plagiarizing novelist Haruki Murakami. Full story here.

10:44 AM

Here’s your first look at gameplay footage for Oddworld: Soulstorm, developer Lorne Lanning’s rebooted sequel to Abe’s Odyssey, returning the series to its platforming roots.