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The Nintendo Switch version of Alien: Isolation will arrive December 5th. The port will come with all 7 DLC add-ons, so get ready to bring your pal the Xenomorph with you on all your holiday travels.


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I, for one, am happy about this re-release. Sure, I have it on PC, but most of the time I have to game is in the train ride everyday, so I’m perfectly fine with companies re-releasing games I haven’t finished or played on the Switch.

And quite frankly, I kinda moved beyond the “gaming FOMO” mentality which dictates that only “newly released” games matter and that we must play all these “new” games. What matters to me is games I haven’t played (or finished). New or old, doesn’t matter. If I didn’t play it before, it’s a new game to me.

What I HATE though, is the trend of pricing those re-releases like new ones. I mean, cost of development was often covered with the inital releases. Art, music, voice acting, part of the code; all of this is already done and paid for. Price should reflect this. A lot less work went into porting this than it did to make the game originally. I understand that companies see this as an opportunity to make money (especially given that many Switch owners apparently don’t mind paying more - sometimes over 400% more), but still...