12:25 PM

Bethesda won’t be holding any sort of digital news event in June around when E3 would have been, the company’s VP of marketing, Pete Hines, announced on Twitter today. Other publishers have mentioned working on alternate plans following the event’s cancellation, though nothing firm has been announced yet.

11:20 AM

Fallout 76's big Wastelanders update has been delayed by a week. Bethesda said in a statement today that the major expansion adding new story quests and characters would be pushed back from April 7 to April 14 due to new work from home policies implemented amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

11:34 PM

The Elder Scrolls Online is getting more Skyrim. “Explore the dark heart of Skyrim”, reads the teaser text at the end of the Video Game Awards debut of the latest cinematic trailer for the game’s Season of the Dragon event. We’ll find out more during a global reveal event on January 16.