May 13 2019

Lovely Japanese massively multiplayer role-playing game Caravan Stories comes to North American PS4s on July 23, with open beta kicking off July 16. The free-to-play game has a huge following in Japan. I’ve been fiddling with the Japanese version, which has English language support, and it’s very nice.

Apr 25 2019

Nintendo has opened up signups for a Mario Kart Tour beta set to begin May 22. The full mobile game will be released later this summer. Beta signups are currently only for Android.

Jan 26 2019

EA and Bioware posted an update about the Anthem VIP demo errors players are currently encountering. Bioware’s Head Of Live Service, Chad Robertson, apologized to players and assured fans that fixes are on the way soon. Bioware is also giving players who are affected by the issues a bonus skin.