4:20 PM

Halo: The Master Chief Collection now has a 60 Hz tick rate thanks to the game’s April update. This puts it closer to the refresh rate of games like CS:GO and Overwatch, which helps cut down on things like rubber-banding and getting shot around corners. 343 Industries explains it in detail here.

1:00 PM

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is getting a “match composer” for multiplayer. In a tweet yesterday, Brian Jarrard, the Community Director for 343 Industries, said it would facilitate mixtape matchmaking. The mode will enter into testing “soon.”

11:45 AM

Halo 5's Overtime update arrives tomorrow, adding Oddball multiplayer mode and 4K textures. Starting around 4:00pm you’ll finally be able to run around with a human skull in your hands for a few seconds before getting lit up. The update will also add more commendations and re-balance some weapons.