Tabula Rasa Goes Free A Little Early

Previously scheduled to become free to play starting on January 10th, NCsoft's has set sinking MMO Tabula Rasa free a month early, because really...what was the point of waiting?


Despite the game's closing on February 28th, NCsoft have still updated the title with promised new features, including a first-person view, sniper scopes, and enhanced cockpit views in mechs, just to give players a taste of what might have been had the whole project not been scrapped following the departure of legendary creator Richard Garriott, who left NCsoft to pursue more interstellar pursuits.

New players can head over to the Tabula Rasa website to sign up, while returning players can simply log in and join in the festive, death bed atmosphere.

Tabula Rasa: now with more free play! [Thanks David!]

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