Tabula Rasa Going All FPS On Us

One of my main complaints with Tabula Rasa was that it felt like a shooter trying to be a 3rd person MMO. How does NCsoft address such complaints? By introducing a first-person shooter mode, of course! Revealed in the latest edition of Feedback Friday last week, Graphic Programmer John Styes introduces the new camera system that effectively turns the game into a pseudo FPS. More than just a new way to look at the game, the system now allows for cockpit views while in vehicles, as well as sniper scopes, which is amazing news for anyone who chose the Ranger path at level 15, like me. While I haven't played the game in ages - like many who picked it up at launch - this is exactly the sort of change Tabula Rasa needs to inject new life into its gameplay and hopefully bring back some old players. I'm intrigued. Feedback Friday: 10/31/2008 [Tabula Rasa via EuroGamer MMO]


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