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System Shock Enhanced, Re-Released 21 Years Later

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

1994’s FPS-RPG, System Shock, is an important game. It was an influence on not just BioShock and its sequels, but also a variety of game series in between, like Half-Life and Deus Ex. It was also a bitch to play on modern PCs, which is fortunately something this re-release should help with.

The announcement from GOG talks about what’s new in this version:

System Shock: Enhanced Edition now comes with official support for resolutions up to 1024x768 (compared to the original 640x480), and a native 854x480 widescreen mode. Gameplay is streamlined with a toggleable mouselook mode, including more intuitive inventory and item management. Combined with assorted bug-fixes and remappable controls, System Shock is now truly enhanced. Still, some gaming experiences are truly worth preserving, so you can also return to the authentic 90’s gameplay with System Shock: Classic - ready for modern systems, completely unaltered in all other aspects.


The modern port was done by Night Dive Studios, whose name you might’ve heard in relation with their work on Humongous Entertainment’s games, or their valiant efforts towards bringing back No One Lives Forever.

There’s a trailer:

And a couple of comparison shots:


You can grab the game here. Also, fun fact: today’s actually the game’s twenty-first birthday. Might as well get out there for a drink, System Shock, you deserve it.


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