Switzerland recently passed two acts meant to clamp down on violent video games, but has yet to enact them while the government determines the standards under which a game considered too violent. Apparently, only 12 titles would fit the description.

That's according to a prime backer of the law, who in an interview with a Swiss news magazine mentioned Counter Strike, by name, as an example of one game that would not be banned. What would? Well, everybody's favorite punching bag from 2003 Manhunt, which also is banned in Germany. And Mortal Kombat, because apparently a shipment of games from 1992 just arrived, is a no-no.

Not sure what actual new games might qualify here, but if they're fixating their anger on a seven-year-old game and a nearly 20-year-old franchise whose last M-rated release was in 2006, it sounds like we'll be on God of War V by the time they ban III.

The larger issue is this Swiss lawmaker's insistence that the Pan European Game Information ratings system (PEGI, the European equivalent of the ESRB rating), is insufficient and that governments over there, either the Swiss government or the European Union, need to get into the business of rating games independently of PEGI.

Swiss Game Ban May Feature Only a Little Censorship [GamePolitics]