Swank Shank Swag Giveaway: We Have a Winner

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Kotaku commenter Jessifer's correct answer to our trivia giveaway was chosen at random from 291 correct entries, winning her the coveted Shank maquette signed by the game's creators, Jamie Cheng and Jeffrey Agala.


We'd asked why Cheng was banned from playing his Super Nintendo on weekdays as a child, and the correct answer is that he'd become so obsessed with a game, he had a sleepwalking conversation with his parents about it. "The name of the game escapes me," Cheng told Kotaku in February, "some kind of tactical RPG with monsters."

I just noticed that this maquette was part of a limited series of 300, and is in fact number 300 of 300, so big thanks to Klei Entertainment, the makers of Shank, for giving up the last one of these for our readers.

If you're not sure what the fuss is about this game, check out my hands-on with it from E3. Thanks to all who entered, and thanks for reading Kotaku.


*sigh* I never win. But then again, I don't know what I would do with that sweet Shank statue. Probably worship its greatness.